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Sunday, July 29, 2012

All-Creative Consultants is your one-stop shop!

Seeking editorial services for your TV or film script?  Your fiction or nonfiction book?  Your business proposal?  Your website?

Is your production company, film studio, or television network remaking a classic TV show for the big screen or small?

Do you need to verify particular character or story mythology for any project?
Are you working on a classic TV documentary or any media-geared film or production?  
Do you require pop-culture research, writing assistance, or editorial services in general for any particular project for any creative genre or business genre?
Then All-Creative Consultants is for you.
All-Creative Consultants is an entertainment consulting firm established by writer/producer Herbie J Pilato (author of top-selling media tie-in books, such as Dashing, Daring and DebonairGlamour, Gidgets and the Girl Next Door, and Twitch Upon A Star: The Bewitched Life and Career of Elizabeth Montgomery, and more).  
All-Creative Consultants works with film studios, TV networks, production companies and independent producers, writers and actors, and individuals of every vocation.  
All-Creative Consultants partners with entertainment professionals, organizations, and companies to develop and produce scripted films and TV shows, documentaries for the big-screen or small, and "extras" on various DVD releases of classic TV shows or classic films, and more. 
Our clients include film studios such as Warner Bros., Sony, Universal, as well as TV networks including Bravo, TLC, Syfy, and A&E, among other media organizations. 
Whether for the big-screen or small, the live stage or the printed page...with original ideas or reimaginings - of music, performance or the written whichever creative venue you choose, All-Creative Consultants will help you celebrate your vision
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