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Sunday, July 29, 2012

The 411 on A.C.C.: Endorsements

“Not only do I have a wonderful friend in Herbie J, he also played a very important role in getting my book into the right hands. I was invited to join Herbie J in the launching of his new T.V. series as well. Herbie J spreads his kindness amongst his friends in the entertainment community.” - Kathy Coleman, actress/author, of classic TV’s “Land of the Lost”
"Herbie J Pilato is a gifted writer and editor. He came to my rescue when another editor fell short on what my book needed. Herbie J took my entire book and edited everything that needed work. The turn-around time was fast. Herbie J is the first person I will contact for any writing and editing services in the future. Well done, Herbie J. Thank you." - Tara Langton, writer/producer/director
"Herbie J Pilato is a scholar of popular culture. He creates insight where there is none. He is the premier author of books about specific television shows that have affected a worldwide viewership. Among his numerous works, he is the author of the only true account of the Kung Fu series ever written...Herbie J Pilato is the go-to guy for a clear and accurate understanding of viewing history and future trends. He IS pop-culture." - Ed Spielman, Creator, "Kung Fu" (ABC), "The Young Riders" (ABC), "Dead Man's Gun" (Showtime, MGM)
“Herbie J Pilato is a true professional. His many years of experience have produced creative insight as a writer and editor. His honest and specific approach provided guidance for my work in the entertainment and publishing industries. His structural knowledge provided added clarity to my book, enhancing its enjoyment for the reader.” - Scott Lee Needham), author
“Herbie J Pilato was invaluable as a Creative Consultant on 'The Six Million Dollar Man' DVD collection which Giant Interactive authored. His passion and knowledge of great classic TV shows was a huge help in the development of ideas for the additional VAM created for the collection. Herbie J helped turn this project into a great success.” -  Jeff Stabaneu, Owner, Giant Interactive
“Herbie J’s background in film and TV speaks for itself.” - Ricky Powell, Supervising Network Associate Director, NBC Universal
“For a feature "Entertainment Tonight" segment I produced about Elizabeth
Montgomery and "Bewitched," Herbie J Pilato provided incredible
research, contacts, ideas and inspiration.” - Dan Weaver, Creative Director, Barmont Productions
“Herbie J Pilato has always been a person of enormous vision and talent and integrity. I've known him for over 30years and have been inspired by his work ethic, his compassion and his dedication. Whatever he pursues always has a larger benefit - something that enhances and encourages the lives of others. I am honored to be able to give my support to such a worthwhile cause and exceptional human being.” - Thomas Warfield, Artistic Director, PeaceArt International, Inc.
“Herbie J Pilato is one of the most giving, inspirational, and creative minds. He is always thinking of others, and how to give back.” - Lydia Cornell, star of classic TV’s "Too Close For Comfort," comedienne, and women and children’s advocate
"Herbie J Pilato, one of the great students of classic TV." - Jack Myers, media ecologist, author, and producer
“Herbie J Pilato, Golden Age TV Expert Extraordinaire, has a new book for us to glom onto. – Larry Brody, iconic TV writer ("Ironside," "Star Trek," "Baretta," "The Fall Guy").
"Herbie J Pilato knows what he's talking about." - Danny Gold, film and television producer
Regarding Herbie J Pilato’s newest book, Dashing, Daring and Debonair:
"Well, here we all are! We got lucky, worked hard and did what we loved, and in return we found our places in the story – a story that Herbie J Pilato tells so well." -  Richard Thomas, John-Boy from "The Waltons")
“My friend Herbie J Pilato’s own personal panache shines like a diamond stick-pin in his new book Dashing, Daring and Debonair - a perfectly fun and extremely addictive read.” - Cindy Williams (actress, "Laverne & Shirley")
"Is there anything Herbie J Pilato doesn't know about pop culture, most specifically classic television? I love all his books and he's got the creds to write them because he personally knows many of these icons and can ferret out all the juicy, little-known, behind-the-scenes anecdotes that make these tomes such gems. Great reading!" - Kathryn Leigh Scott, publisher, author, actress; "Dark Shadows")
"No one is more passionate or informed about classic television than Herbie J Pilato, who is at it again with this truly exhaustive survey of the most influential male stars and producers over three decades. With profiles from the sublime (Rod Serling) to the ridiculous (Red Skelton), and a slew of other icons in between, Dashing, Daring, and Debonair is comprehensive, enlightening, and a blast to read." - David Bushman (Curator of Television, Paley Center for Media)
“Herbie J Pilato had me at Dashing, Daring and Debonair…a delicious, guilty pleasure written by one of today’s brightest chroniclers of yesterday. Herbie J is a gifted and talented man, whose love, respect, passion, and vast knowledge of classic TV shines through on every page of this fun, fabulous can't-put-it-down guide to TV’s finest male icons. I adore this book - and I adore Herbie J! Bravo to both!” - Caryn Richman (actress, "The New Gidget")
“What an informative tribute to the male icons whose talents helped shape classic television! The gang's all here: everyone from Desi Arnaz and Rod Serling to James Garner and William Shatner, from Ricky Nelson and Donny Osmond to Johnny Carson and Andy Griffith - and literally dozens of others! Herbie J, take a bow!” - Thomas J. Watson (author, producer, TV historian, former personal assistant to Lucille Ball)
"Herbie J Pilato has given us an encyclopedia of television’s iconic male stars. What a grand and impressive trip down memory lane!” - Gloria Loring ("Days of Our Lives" TV soap opera legend, author, singer)
“Herbie J Pilato writes about classic television not only with a deep knowledge of his subject but with an equally deep love and respect. If you know nothing about television and its greatest stars, read one of Herbie J's books. If you think you know everything about television and its greatest stars, read one of Herbie J's books. Either way, you will learn something new, fun, and fascinating. Dashing, Daring, and Debonair is a brilliant addition to his canon. It belongs in your collection!” - Melissa H. Byers (Television Academy)
“There is no one more knowledgeable or more passionate than Herbie J Pilato where classic TV is concerned. Dashing, Daring, and Debonair not only demonstrates his vast expertise in this realm but also gives the reader a fresh perspective on the many pop culture icons profiled in this book. Great scholarship married to great fun!" - Bill Royce (Emmy Award-winning co-producer of "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno")
“I've encountered the word 'scholar' more than once when associated with Mr. Pilato...first in print and recently spoken in front of me by 'Kung Fu's' creator Ed Spielman. In this and others writings by Herbie J, one gets the distinct sense they are not reading an historian’s words about television, but those by one who deeply cares for and understands the entire milieu and the real people who inhabit that very special world.” - Radames Pera (actor, director, star of "Kung Fu")
Regarding the Classic TV & Self-Esteem Seminars
(presented at schools, colleges, community, senior and business facilities):
“Herbie J’s seminars supply a kind of learning that is most valuable. The message of self-esteem crosses all subject areas…brings wisdom, humor, and motivation” - Dina D’Aiuto, Intercultural Studies, School 37 Coordinator, Education for Peace Rochester City School District
“Herbie J Pilato’s presentations on Self-Esteem offers encouragement to set positive goals…helps to develop a strong personal image.” - Elizabeth Lenhard, Fourth Grade Teacher, Mother of Sorrows School, Greece, New York (retired)
“Herbie J Pilato’s seminars are a must for all grade levels. It communicates respect, kindness, and friendship towards all people.” - Cindy Grange, Nurse/Teacher, Fyle School, Fairport, New York
“My senior residents were infused with a burst of energy and vitality that I had not seen before. Herbie J’s theatrical talents and enthusiasm is life-changing.” - Carol Childers Zazzaro, Activities Director (Retired)
“Thank you, Herbie J Pilato, for the wonderful and insightful time you gave all of us. I was amazed at how open the individuals were to the experiment -- all the credit for that goes to your mastery of your subject and your ability to put people at ease. You are truly a craftsman. The evaluations were all extremely positive - you reached deep spaces in these caregivers that needed healing. You found a new way to get an assertive message across -- it called into use a different part of our brains than all the presentations I've heard.” - Theo Munson, Bereavement Services, Lifetime Care, Henrietta, New York

"The Sincere Business Plan Seminars gave me very workable insight into how positive a role classic TV shows have played in the lives and careers of so many people....and how for me, personally, a show like Bewitched, for example, which featured the advertising world, inspired my creative thinking with slogans.  I would not have understood that fully had it not been for Herbie J Pilato’s Sincere Business Plan Seminars."  - Peter Tomassetti, Vice-President, LPI Consumer Products, Pompano Beach, Florida

"As a salesman, you have to believe in what you're selling, whether it's a set of encyclopedias, or the latest smart-phone.   Either way, you have to come from a place of confidence and truth.  One of my favorite classic TV shows is Father Knows Best.  And on that show, Robert Young played Jim insurance salesman...which is not always an easy job.   But after participating in The Sincere Business Plan Seminars, I started to watch Father Knows Best with new eyes, and realized just how much I was influenced by Robert Young's earnest portrayal of Jim Anderson.  In short, the show has helped me to maintain integrity as a salesman – and Herbie J Pilato’s Sincere Business Plan Seminars helped to take my career to a new level.” - Tom Coco, lead salesman, Verizon, Greece, New York

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