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Sunday, July 29, 2012

The 411 on A.C.C.

"Herbie J Pilato is a scholar of popular culture. He creates insight where there is none. He is the premier author of books about specific television shows that have affected a world-wide viewership. Among his numerous works, he is the author of the only true account of the Kung Fu series ever written...Herbie J Pilato is the go-to guy for a clear and accurate understanding of viewing history and future trends. He IS pop-culture."

 - Ed Spielman, Creator,

Kung Fu (ABC), The Young Riders (ABC), Dead Man's Gun (Showtime, MGM)

 Herbie J Pilato was invaluable as a Creative Consultant on the Six Million Dollar Man DVD collection which Giant Interactive authored. His passion and knowledge of great classic TV shows was a huge help in the development of ideas for the additional VAM created for the collection. Herbie J helped turn this project into a great success.”

- Jeff Stabaneu, Owner, Giant Interactive

Herbie J’s background in film and TV speaks for itself.”

 - Ricky Powell, Supervising Network Associate Director, NBC Universal

 “For a feature Entertainment Tonight segment I produced about Elizabeth
Montgomery and Bewitched, Pop-Culture Consultants provided incredible
research, contacts, ideas and inspiration.”

- Dan Weaver, Creative Director, Barmont Productions

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